The event aims to gather experts from different fields in mathematics and engineering, all having the common goal of modeling real phenomena through nonlinear partial differential equations, with a particular attention to fluid dynamics and to the motion of suspension bridges.

There will be three mini-courses, scheduled during the mornings, given by Giovanni Paolo Galdi (Pittsburgh University), Alain Haraux (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) and Walter Lacarbonara (Roma Sapienza); the afternoons will instead be devoted to invited senior lectures (50 minutes) and junior seminars given by young researchers/students (20 minutes). A poster session will also be set up.

  • Comitato scientifico
    Prof. Maurizio Garrione
    Prof. Filippo Gazzola
  • Sponsors
  • Comitato organizzatore
    A. Cazzaniga – Fondazione Alessandro Volta